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Kimo Electronic Pvt Ltd., Established in 1997/98, is a part of the Emco Group of companies. It is ISO 9000 certified. It is engaged in the manufacture of Electronic Motor Soft Starters from 0.25kW to 50,000 kW (50 mW) and up to 15,000Volts or 15kV.

Motor Drives, and Sensors with Encoder are integrated into the program.

The company has established a Test and Measurement Division, for Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Service and Calibration of Instruments for HVAR, R, Compressed Air, Process Automation, Electrical and Instrumentation Professionals and for Solar Power projects.

Kimo Instruments Mission


Our mission is to have an advanced laboratory with a competent engineering team to provide a pleasant, satisfying, and professional experience to our customers in the years to come as the digitalization of the Global Industry takes place.

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