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Air Flow Meters

Effective Air Flow Meter for Measuring Compressed Air Flow

Airflow Meters
DBM 620 Air Flow Meter

DBM 620 Air Flow Meter

The newly redesigned Kimo DBM 620 Air Flow Meter is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument primarily used for efficiently taking direct air volume readings from air vents.

Also known as Air Flow Sensor, an airflow meter is an instrument that is used for measuring nonlinear linear volumetric or mass flow of air. While choosing the device, you should concentrate on the calibration and maintenance of the machine.

How to Measure the Airflow?

There are two different approaches to measuring airflow. The first one is known as total flow. In this method, the measurement is given in units of pounds, kilograms, or cubic meters. Another approach is known as flow rate. Here, the airflow is measured over a specific period. This measurement is offered in standard cubic feet per minute or pound per hour units.

The Uses of the Airflow Meter

The airflow meter can be used in the following ways.

  • In Automobiles: The Air Sensor is used in automobiles to find out the quantity of air going inside the combustion engine. These days each modern electronically controlled diesel engine uses an airflow meter to determine the air intake.
  • In industries: In industries, airflow meters are used for managing energy costs. The Air Sensor can help companies to avoid problems like costly air or gas leakages. Data collected in the Air Flow Sensor is also used for diagnosing problems of air cooling systems.

Using the data offered by the airflow meters one can:

  • Fix leaks
  • Modify piping to avoid air pressure-related problems.
  • Install the booster pump to get higher air pressure when required.

Factors You Need to Consider While Selecting Air Flow Meter

  • Make sure that the machine you are choosing is user-friendly and easy to install.
  • Verify the calibration of the device before purchasing.
  • Check the rangeability of the device to make sure it suits your purpose.
  • Check whether the device can measure the highest possible airflow rate.

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