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Measure Humidity Accurately With Smart Hygrometer

HD 110 Thermo-hygrometer

HD 110 Thermo-hygrometer

Kimo’s HD 110 handheld thermo-hygrometer measures relative humidity, temperature and dew point.

HD 50 Thermometer / Hygrometer

HD 50 Thermometer / Hygrometer

The palm-sized Kimo HD 50 Hygrometer easily measures relative humidity and temperature.

Si-HH3 Thermo-hygrometer with integrated thermo-hygrometry probe

Si-HH3 Thermo-hygrometer with integrated thermo-hygrometry probe

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-HH3 thermo-hygrometer easily measures relative humidity and temperature.

A hygrometer is one of the devices that are used for measuring humidity. Using the hygrometer, you can measure humidity in the soil, air, or other confined spaces. Primer release is a device used in Meteorological science for measuring humidity in the air. These days, several Industries, like manufacturing, construction, agriculture, heating, restoration, ventilation, etc; are also using this device to keep tabs on the humidity level.

Important factors that you need to know about a hygrometer

Humidity sensor comes with a radius application that you value it heat stress trees in the hot work environment, like factories, construction sites, boiler rooms, commercial bakeries, etc.

Smart devices can calculate the relationship between temperature and humidity in the air to assess the heat stress risk.

Thermo-hygrometer of KIMO instruments is a brilliant combination of a thermometer and a hygrometer. This device is used for checking the integrity of cold change during warehousing and transporting of Frozen Food and Pharmaceutical products.

Various Types of Hygrometers

  • Dew Point Hygrometer
  • This type of humidity sensor is used for measuring the moisture saturation in a gas. These hydrometers are generally used in industrial spaces and greenhouses. These devices are also used in saunas, museums, incubators, etc.

  • Thermo-Hygrometer
  • This type of hygrometer measures both the temperature and humidity of the air. Depending on the model, the thermo-hygrometer can measure a huge range of temperature and humidity.

  • Electronic Hygrometer
  • These devices are used for measuring resistance or capacitance to calculate the humidity of the air.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Hygrometer

  • Check out the application type of the Humidity Meter before making the final decision.
  • Check user interface, power source, data logging, and access to historical data before deciding the model.
  • Check the size of the hydrometer and consider whether it will be able to solve your requirement.
  • Always choose hygrometers that are created using durable metal like abs plastic.

So, which of the Humidity Meters do you think is the best for your requirement? Not sure? Call us today, and we will help you to choose the right one.

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