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Air velocity transmitters

Measure Air Velocity & Air Pressure With Air Velocity Transmitters

Air velocity transmitters
CTV 210-R Air velocity and temperature sensor

CTV 210-R Air velocity and temperature sensor

Kimo’s CTV 210-R is a transmitter with hotwire probe measuring air velocity from 0 to 30 m/s and temperature from 0 to +50°C.

CTV 110 Temperature and air velocity transmitter

CTV 110 Temperature and air velocity transmitter

Kimo’s CTV 110 measures temperature and air velocity from 0 to 30 m/s and from 0 to 50°C.

An air velocity transmitter can be also named an air velocity meter. Well, the air velocity transmitter is an ideal instrument to monitor the air flow in different applications, such as clean room ventilation monitoring, wind power, energy and more. As a matter of fact, the air velocity meter is also suitable for a wide range of HVAC air flow measurement and control applications.

Apart from precisely measuring the air velocity and temperature, the air velocity meter can calculate the air flow rate and carry out some statistical calculations. Some models of air velocity transmitters can also measure the humidity and even the volumetric flow due to the in-built air velocity sensors. It’s true that the air velocity transmitters are highly suitable in places where the movement of air is the primary concern. The various air velocity measurement instruments available in the market can serve the specific requirements of monitoring airflow.

Interestingly, the devices are designed in such a way that they can even measure small wind movements. Well, the air velocity sensors present in the devices help to measure air velocity ranging from 0 to 30m/s and temperature ranging from 0 to +50°C.

Some of the air velocity measurement instruments come with a simple construction; whereas others come with complex construction, such as hot-wire probe. Well, the hot-wire model comes with two sensors, i.e. temperature senor and the velocity sensor. The former sensor helps to measure the temperature inside ducts and pipes; whereas, the latter gets heated by a high temperature and then gets cooled by the air flow.

Kimo Instruments offers a wide range of air velocity sensors for monitoring the air velocity of HVAC systems. The devices offered by Kimo Instruments won’t compromise on measurement accuracy. We can help the professionals to get precise air velocity measurement in various temperatures.

If you want to buy an air velocity measurement instrument, make sure it comes with air velocity sensors for measuring the velocity of air. We are supplying the best quality air velocity transmitters for HVAC- R systems.

If you have any more questions about our air velocity meter product line, please refer to our website. You can also contact our professional at +91 93242 54558 for further details.

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