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Industrial Process Controllers

An industrial process that is a gatekeeper of all the monitoring and controlling mechanisms

Industrial process controllers
MIR- 401 | 411 | 421

MIR- 401 | 411 | 421

Universal industrial controller

MIR- 491 | 492

MIR- 491 | 492

Industrial and process controller

An industrial system that involves monitoring and controlling Industrial processes controlling machines, systems and processes across a variety of industries like chemicals, energy, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, water and wastewater treatment, oil, gas plastic, paper, food and beverages. Owing to high automation of the industrial preparation, processing and manufacturing systems ensure conservative and effective energy consumption. Therefore, the ability of precise measurement of pressures, levels and flow rates become extremely crucial for smooth and safe execution of the machineries and other highly corrosive elements.


We do Level sensing, one of the most common applications in industrial process controllers. They are named as Hydrostatic Level sensing and Optoelectronic level switches; and range from simple limit value detection to precision continuous level sensing.

First Sensor offers rugged level transmitters in two different installation variants: as submersible sensors for fluid positioning or with screw threads for attachment to tank walls.

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